Add Revenue that Flows Straight to Your Bottom Line!
REC Order Confirmation Calls Add Profit!

Order Confirmation Calls ( also known as welcome calls)  are one of the most effective ways to eliminate fraudulent orders and add incremental revenue. REC is a pioneer in developing impactful Confirmation Calls.

We Are Different

REC is not a membership club company. For others, you are simply a way for them to sell their membership club. At REC, are client is you and our first priority is to help you generate revenue by selling more of your products and services or products that complement your offer. If a 3rd party offer is right for you, we partner with every major provider so you can be assured of gets the best payouts and most favorable terms.

The Offers

Our goal is to cement the sale, increase Average Order Value and Customer Lifetime Value while enhancing  your customers perception of your brand.

The Process

Once the lead is received, REC will contact the customer to protect both the marketer and cardholder from fraud. Then, REC will offer a brand-sensitive, compatible product to help offset the call center costs and turn that touchpoint into a profit center!

The Revenue Potential

Your company sends REC 1,000 leads. A lead is someone who purchased a product through your website, call center or catalog. REC contacts all 1,000 customers. Based on our average conversion rate of 25% and an average payout of $15, this generates $3750 or $3.75 per lead.

The Results

Let REC increase your proftability. REC is a performance sales and marketing company. If we don’t convert, we don’t get paid! To get started contact us today at: or (207) 774.2277 x111